Can anyone bring up to date me the difference between poison ivy, and shingles. I enjoy it?

on only one side of my face and eyelids for 5 days now and i go to the dr. he said right away poison ivy, but i m not so sure, its exactly half my face(and nose) and there is 3 lines of red patches on one cheek, remarkably swollen, itchy and painful. Please help!
huge difference...poison ivy is a plant. shingles is a viral infection..they may look similar but one is caused by external contact (poison ivy) and shingles is caused by a virus cotracted internally. Source(s): have both and both are extremely painful
Well be you in a place that had poison ivy? If you never went around an nouns with some lush vegetation you may be right. Also, did you have chickenpox as a child? If you did, it could be shingles. But to be without fault honest, I think your personal physician would know best. And also, either way, poison ivy or shingles will both budge away in a few days or weeks either way. Just sit it out, and do not stress too much, because if it is shingles, stress does not serve the healing process. Good luck!
I think it's Shingles being it's one side of your face. Call them rear.
Or find a new family MD worse case if you are within pain head to the ER.

I also think the Ivy would spread resembling crazy.
The shingles rash is a series of red spots on the torso or face which develops into fluid complete blisters. These blisters are full of the chickenpox virus making the infected Source(s):…
Poison Ivy is an allergic skin reaction to the grease of the poison ivy plant, similar to poison oak and poison sumac. The blistery oozy rash is very itchy but will dry and heal after nearly 10 to 14 days. Shingles is the result of the chicken pox virus. A person has chicken pox, the virus then lies dormant within nerve roots, when something triggers this virus it travels to the nerve endings cause shingles, which is a blistery rash that is only on one side of the body. It can be unbelievably painful as nerves are involved, not just the skin. It can be treated with antiviral medication. They are most definitely not the same thing.
Doesn't sound like shingles

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