Dizziness after smoking...?

When I smoke a cigarette, I get REALLY dizzy and a little nauseous. I similar to the feeling, along with the better attitude for a while after. I only smoke socially, but I be wondering if its possible to never build a tolerance for cigarettes. I know once you get addicted you get used to them and then you don't carry any effects from them. But if I smoke say, once every 3+ days, will I NEVER become tolerant (or addicted)? If not, how long would I have to put between each cigarette? I want to other get the feeling of that "1st cigarette" that chronic smokers speak of. How long should I wait contained by between?

I don't mean withdrawal-like dizziness. I mean I have single smoked less than a pack of cigarettes in my life and I take a dizzy/high feeling like 10 seconds after taking the first drag. This is clearly because I am not a smoker. How long do I own to put between cigarettes to continue to get this feeling?
Answers:    Obviously you shouldn't smoke and u know that, but it's probably better for you to return with that high ur looking for from a cigarette rather than from something else if u need that awareness so much. It's good your looking to not become addicted because I'm ALWAYS trying to quit and I smoke a pack a day and it's really hard to quit. So, to answer the cross-question... only smoke one cigarette per week if you want to maintain that high you experience.

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you are already addicted, I revulsion to tell you. If you like the dizzy feeling and the path it makes you feel your only fooling yourself. Try substituting COCAINE or HEROINE contained by for cigarettes in your question and you'll see what I mean.

P.S. smoking sucks, quit back you get to a pack or two a day or else you'll see why individuals say its just as addicting as heroine. I used to smoke, trust me, your better off minus them at all. Source(s): personal experience

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If you smoke once every 4 days you should not become addicted as it takes 2-3 days for your body to remove all the nicotine, you can still become psychologically addicted to the dizzy affect but the physical addiction will be minimal, smoking is still going to affect your physical narration though even at this low rate and it can still cause severe illness

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Well, I don't see why you would like the seasick feeling. With me, it didn't matter how much time was surrounded by between the cigarettes. I got used to it. So will you. I started smoking (Not regularly) less then a year ago. I would sometimes smoke 2 a daylight then wait a week and smoke one ,and a few days later I would smoke 3 a daylight. I was all over the place. I now enjoy tolerance. I don't get light headed anymore.

Edit: To adjectives the people that are saying things like "Stop smoking, it's discouraging for you", don't you think he already knows that? If someone wants to smoke, consent to them. Stop bitching. It's not your life. Thumbs me down.

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honestly its because yu dont smoke. when yur a new smoker yu get dizzy from one verbs. im not sure exactly what yu want but if yur looking to be able to smoke with the headaches and dizzyness yu hold to smoke more. if yur looking to keep the pain, keep doing what yur doing. i hope i can give support to! :)

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Wow, you ask one question and get 50 sermons on the dangers of smoking.

It make sense that if you don't smoke often you'd never build a tolerance. I'd keep with what you said, one or two a week, and you should be fine.

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Don't smoke on an abandoned stomach. Also, if this is one of your first times ever smoking, it's gonna take a while for you to get used to it.

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Why don't you just hyperventilate its cheaper, no impairment to your lungs just your brain and your cigarette is doing that anyways so atleast your saving one organ and getting the same STUPID passion your talking about..

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Then Dont Smoke, It Dosent Even Seem Like You Like To...Are You Doing It To Look Cool?? I Think You Need Tou Stop, Thats Not Good For You!

And For You People Who Dont Agree Bring Down The Thumbs Down...=) Source(s): My Head <3

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Take the cigarettes slow. take I don`t know 10 minutes to a cigarette. I think, your getting dizzy because you your puffing them too fast. slow down a bit and that should help. Source(s): jklasdjkl;

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I can`t bear pol like you. If u wanna kill urself great but don't going killing everyone u know and love, or even don't know, by polluting the upper air with your nasty smoke. Grrrr!

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there is a immaculately good reason why everyone says smoking is impossible for you. its beacause it is!

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Don't do such cruelty to your lungs!
You'll die sooner every time you smoke!!

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first of all don't smoke cause its retarded and second u will die cause my dad died from smoking so walk drink an energy drink and forget all about those damn cancer sticks.

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Stop smoking

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At lowest a couple days <3

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your stupied u should not be smoking and second your going to die from cancer dumb ***!!

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trippin on shrooms is mucjh better 4 you

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u should stop smoking

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1) Your body is not having daily smoke, so sudden smoke is 'shocking' your body. I had stopped and ages ago after that I smoked, that day with drink, I threw up all daylight and was in bed for 2 days very sick
3) is it worth smoking? Think of your robustness
4) If you don't want to hear all negative answers, then i'd enunciate try to change your cigarette, go for a lighter one: Malbro lights? Or even lighter ones.
5) Or try not drink 1 glass of red wine, which give you same pleasure of 'emotional freedom' that way red wine is good for your blood (well, i don't know, ask the doctor just within case) x Source(s): I smoked few years and now I don't. Feel great. I can now run miles and I feel my heart stronger and happier. When I smoked, I sometimes feel like 74 year old. (i'm in my 30s)

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Some nation have a higher tolerance than others, since there are plentiful additives in cigarettes', i think you would eventually get addictted, or you'll find yourself have them more often which will cause you to also become addicted. if you want to have the "buzz" impression from the 1st cigarette, you should only have one every 3-4 days or so... otherwise, youre body will get use to the nicotine, cause you to not get the feeling anymore.
When a smoker quits smoking, they say it take nicotine 3 days to fully get out of your system, thats why i say you should have one every 3-4 days. Source(s): Me, I used to smoke.

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It vary. What you're talking about is the carbon monoxide hit from the smoke mixed with a nicotine "rush"... I get the rush for a few years, especially if I walked while smoking, but I only smoked one or two a day. I don't seize it any more unless I take a huge drag and have waited a few weeks betwee cigs. I merely smoke occasionally now and don't really get them. My advice? Just don't bother. Smoking is nice but it's expensive and kinda smelly, and the non-smoke brigade achieve on your case constantly. Oh yeah and it's bad for you, like everything else thats nice.

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