Do U think that ganja gives U cancer like cigarettes do?

It's not good for you, without a doubt. But I've never heard of any1 dying from cancer they get from mary jane. As far as I know, U gun down brain cells, U get lift, then U might munch out...if U like to explicitly. : \

Answer:    A lot of people smoke a pack a day, but how recurrently do you see someone smoking twenty joints a day? Do the math, yes the smoke is fruitless, but burning and inhaling anything is bad for your lungs... your best bet, Brownies or a Vaporizer!

And cigarettes have WAY more chemicals than Marijuana. It is more unconscious with less added chemicals. And also, THC have been proven to be beneficial in heaps ways..
Marijuana does not have any proven negative side effects, unless you include mortal hungery and lazy as negative. There are some nation out there, yes, that have fruitless trips on it and don't enjoy it, but for the most part, it's relatively non-hazardous. Most of the time, bad trips are caused by weed self laced with something harder, resembling meth or H. Marijuana will give you the same effects as alchohol, minus damaging your body. It doesn't kill brain cell any more than hitting yourself in the head, and not a soul is out campaigning against that, are they? All you'll do with weed is relax, laze just about, eat a ton, and sleep better. 1) You DON'T get cancer.

2) And you DON'T slaughter brain cells.

Please check out my very reliable sources. I hold been an extremely responsible marijuana smoker for 6 years and have never experienced anything but positive effects from this divine herb. Peace..
hello first my husband has smoked it for 17 years and he is 36 and he also smokes cigarettes but i am a nurse and it is bad for you it cause anxiety ,nervw problems and of lung problems they say cigeretts cause cancer but i hold an aunt that is dieing with lung problems as we speak an have never smoked in her life cigs or mary jane so its adjectives about your health and genectics if you are prone to cancer or enjoy a family history of cancer your life style could be a factor of getting it as a cancer surviver i would not recomend any one to smoke mary jane or cigarettes and a medical reality is that one ''stick of mary jane''' is worse than a whole pack of cigerettes but i think it depends on the being do you have asthma, or any lung problems ? dp you have any stomach problems? it also can basis throat cancer your risk doubles if you have problems already or have have cancer in your family so my warning is to quit but in my boyfriends /or husband might as well be , if you can not quit i would suggest you cut down to nearly 2 or 3 a week i have been around populace that smoke that all my life and adjectives i ever see it causes is bad ,'''very bad'''' impudence and attiude problems and like i said before if you own lung problems to start with then you will surely come up beside severe lung problems
the worst thing you could ever put in your lung is crystal meth it does basically what its name says it crystalizes your lung and they will start to look similar to honey comes inside you lungs i once had too look at an autopsy when i was contained by nurseing school and they showed us the lungs of a 30 year old and the lungs of a 30 year frail cigrette smokes you would be shocked at the difference but was it cancer no.. if you smoke anything, you'll have a much sophisticated chance of getting lung cancer. it's not good for you, that's for sure..
yeah dude it give u cancer. Marijuana has more chemical components than a cigarette does. which is why it gets you soaring....dont smoke yo. what is ganja?

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