Does Ceiliac Have Something To Do With It?


I was wondering: I hold Ceiliac (cannot tolerate any wheat or gluten products). I heard that scoliosis (which I have) can be caused by digestive problems. Do you reflect I could've gotten my scoliosis from my Ceiliac Disease? Also, I constantly crave ice. I could seriously eat rime all day long. I know it's really strange, but do you think that Ceiliac also has something to do near it? I heard that people near Ceiliac also crave weird things because their body is lacking wheat or gluten. Any thoughts or warning?

Thanks so much!!


Answer:    It's possible, tho it's something doctors argue about. This website mentions kyphoscoliosis as as a condition associated with celiac
That's the sort that gives you a hunchback.

The ice craving could be from anemia, which abundantly of celiacs have. For some reason, iron not as much as can make people crave rime! Other nutritional deficiencies can make you crave rime, too.

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