Does percocet/vicodin make a gout attack worse?

I have be suffering from gout for years. Lately, the attacks are getting worse and more frequent. I take percocet/vicodin to deal near the severe pain. Is this a bad item? If so, why?

Also, I eat cherries/blueberries. I drink Cherry juice, and am on an almost 100% lacto-vegetarian diet. I have eliminated my sugar intake almost down to none. I drink plenty of river, but even with all the above mentioned items, I cannot shake my most up-to-date gout attack (It started 5 days ago).

HELP! I need definitive guesswork, please.

Answer:    Chronic gout can do a lot of defile to joints. Painkillers deal next to the symptom, but not the damage.

If you drink, you need to mute it. And do not eat while drinking. Alcohol inhibits kidney function, which prevents uric acid from self filtered from the blood. There are other factors that affect the kidneys, similar to stress and over-indulging.

If your attacks are becoming more frequent and you don't know why, you should see a doctor. There are many medications that can accord with gout attacks..
your condition sounds serious. you need to see a concrete doctor. People will guess. Dont let them.
they will manage the spasm.
i feel sorry for you i also have gout....ive tried the cherry liquid and all if you find something email me!

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