Does this nouns similar to a authentic thyroid problem to you?

My mate is overweight and ever since I've known her, her and her mum have always blamed it on an lower than active thyroid.
But, she's now 16, never goes to see a specialist, she doesn't pilfer any medication- and I hate to say it, but her diet would totally explain her weight.
If she have a real thyroid problem, surely she would see a pecicialist or at least take some tablets- someone else I know really has this problem and she take a tablet to top up the missing hormone and regualarly sees a doctor.

She's really insecure, so I'm thinking- if she's making this up- that possibly its just an excuse.

What do you think? I would be really glad of someone else's opinion x
Answers:    Very few relatives who are over weight actually have an under-active thyroid. Hypothyroidism can undeniably cause weight gain but I suspect, as do you, that her weight is more around what and how she eats then anything else. To be safe she should enjoy a blood test done to determine if her thyroid hormones are low. If they are, you are right, she would be placed on medication to even out her thyroid hormones. My entire thyroid was removed almost 5 years ago. I take 1 small pill respectively day to provide the correct amount of hormones that my thyroid would have supplied. Source(s):

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I am a thyroid disease sufferer, and I see an endochrinologist for my diseases, so I doubt it's anything along the lines of a thyroid problem. Besides, some thyroid diseases can make you LOSE counterweight, even with an increase appetite..

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hi there having suffering from a thyroid problem since i be tiny thanks for that dad. I can tell you it sounds like she have a thyroids gland problem. She might be a bit sluggish in her diet but what i would say about this is if she go to her GP and ask the doctor for a thyroid gland reading. I have an under active thyroid gland and it make life a little difficult for me to say the tiniest. Im underweight and get very tired and grumpy easily. Is your friend on eltroxin and if she is how heaps is she taking a day.

The main thing roughly having this is to eat properly and get some exercise and try not to capture too stressed out. I hope that this helps. Source(s): have had a thyroid gland problem since i be tiny

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The issue here is whether she is suffering from hormonal deficiency (hypothyroidism) or by nature she is really fat.
If she really lacks thyroid hormone, getting hold of weight is just one of the obvious signs. Other signs and symptoms should also be present to support this close to tiredness or weakness, dry skin, feeling cold despite of hot weather, difficulty in concentrating, poor memory, solidity gain with poor appetite and slow heart beat. If these are present, you are right to say that she requests medications as hormonal supplementation. This will improve her weight problem and eventually minister to her over come her insecurities.
On the other thought, if none of the aforementioned is present, probably she do not have thyroid problem.

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