Does wearing a bra to bed make you more likely to get breast cancer?

Everyone is telling me so
Some indisputable facts, please

Answer:    No it's nonsense.

Breast cancer, like adjectives other cancers, happens when ordinary cells change so that they grow surrounded by an uncontrolled way. This uncontrolled growth causes a tumour to form. Underwear have no effect on this process and can't cause a tumour to form.

There are a number of urban myths concerning breast cancer and bras, oodles of them started as hoax emails - you can't get breast cancer by wearing a badly-fitting bra either, or an underwired bra or a pad bra or any kind of bra at all..
There is no proof that wearing a bra will receive you more likely to get breast cancer. I've provided a correlation from the American Cancer Society that addresses this myth.

BTW, why would you want to wear one to bed? Girl, let your girls be free at hours of darkness!.
You do far more damage to your breast tissue by letting the twins hang out adjectives the time. i dont know,i dont were a bra.

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