Dry Skin?? Plz Help!?

My hands are amazingly dry and when people come up to me they ask "What happened to your hand?" Or "Was your hand burned?"My hands be crippled like this since 1998 and I have tried alot of things the crappy doctor give me. What should i use for my hands??
*I have Eczema

Answer:    mix vasaline and the stuff ur doc give u then put it on at night afterwards put socks on over your hands and do this every night and when you enjoy time.
Aloe Vera Gel moisturizes and soothes skin and helps in getting rid of deceased cells. So if you happen to own dry skin, aloe vera gel can help PREVENT wrinkle formation . I guess it can make your skin firmer to an extent but I don't consider you can remove existing wrinkles by simply using only aloe vera gel.
Instead, Try applying egg whites on the area beneath the eyes and wash the stuff off after 15 minutes.

Aloe vera gel isn't one of the best ways for getting rid of night circles either. I have read roughly speaking people using aloe vera gel and not noticing any alter in the dark circles. A more reliable and popular remedy would be potato liquid. Insert a knife into a potato. Gently pull the axe out and apply the juice on the knife onto your eyes. This can go and get rid of dark circles in 2-3 weeks. Another remedy would be cucumber slices.

So deeply, aloe vera gel can help you have revitalized fresh thriving moisturized skin and can PREVENT wrinkles, but is not the best thing for dark circles.
Keep using the gel!

i recommend aloe product brand.... nyaloe

Good luck,
Cris Lee.
While it wont compare, my hand get very dry and cracked during the winter months. I am for a while "ocd" about lotions as i hate the attitude of slimyness or greasiness that they leave. However i have found one that works great and doesnt give up me feeling that way. Its the Gold Bond brand, you can obtain it at walmart or where ever. Its in the lotion isle ( duh, lol ) try some moisterixing creams, and honey, if you rub the honey on your hand, or try rubbing a little butter on your hands.
Get a different doctor, if nothings working.

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