Genital wart! Is my girlfriend cheating on me?

I've been with my girlfriend for about 13 months immediately. About 8 months into our relationship I noticed (and a doctor confirmed) that I had genital warts.

Is this guarantee that my girlfriend is cheating on me?

Note: I read that sometimes genital wart take up to 3 months to "come up" after you have been infected. Which funds I would've somehow gotten them in about the 5th month of our relationship.

Answers:    Yes she is.

Idk if this is a spider bite..

No it doesn't mean that she is cheating on you. Genital wart is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is the most common STD anyone can get. Basically the likelihood of catching it is about 80% likely if you are sexually active/have had sex sometime surrounded by your life. It's spread through genital/anal skin contact. There's different strains of the virus so different people experience different symptoms. In women, some strains of the virus cause cervical cancer. In other empire, they may get genital warts like surrounded by your case. You or your girlfriend may have contracted HPV a long time ago from someone else and had not set about it and the virus was dormant in your body til in a minute. It can come up later and like now, you see the wart. So with HPV, since it can go dormant in your body, greatly of people never experience any symptoms and never know they have it, so it's almost impossible to tell who give it to you. Source(s): I was diagnosed with HPV and warts something like 2 years ago. I did a lot of research on my own and asked tons of questions to the doctor.

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Genital warts usually appear surrounded by about 3 months, but not ALWAYS. sometimes they can take months, and even YEARS to appear. so dont go by the 3 month point.

so no, she might not be cheating, but then again she may well be. Your her boyfriend, see if you notice any bumps on her "area", and ask her to do a hpv theory test. but then again that dosent prove anything, you could of even given them to her without knowing.

My personal opinion tho is yes, i do ponder she may have cheated, but thats just my opinion.

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take care! These warts can be transmitted to other people by being intimate. Not polite, so you had better confront her about her condifion and if it is the same you should both be treated by the doctor at indistinguishable time. Yikes.

Genital Warts plz give a hand?

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