Help with my nostril piercing?

I have have a nostril screw in for a little over a year presently. My piercing still hasn't healed all the agency. Is this my bodys way of rejecting the piercing, or is it possible that I interrupted the healing process hasty on? Also, does anyone have any ideas on how to alleviate it? I've tried the "Simply Saline" solution, and it just didn't seem to do much for me.
Any answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:    You may be allergic to the metal within the screw, or you may have an infection. Mine took a real long time to treat because it was done so long ago and had be infected and I was told to use hydrogen peroxide and Bacitracin on it. It was also pierced beside a piercing gun. :-(

My nose piercing is very sensitive and have to have real silver or gold ingots. When mine was infected, they had me soak it contained by warm sea brackish water that didn't contain iodine. I would put it in a measure cup and put my nose in for in the region of 5-10 minutes 3X day. I learned that from a piercing parlor specifically certified and specializes in it. They looked at it for free and I was competent to purchase the sea salt in that.

I have same problem lol all I catch out of it is we might be alergic to it maybe? I had my eye nouns peirced before and ended up at doctors eventually after a few weeks trying to concord.He put me on antibioctic and I went back to peircer and dreadfully he removed it:( Now I'v had my nose peirced for 2 months some days it's so red I don't wanna travel anywhere.I called tatoo place they said try TEA tree oil(got it from Rite aid)and I thought it helped but still red next to a bump and a scab.
I'm 26 and finally got it done after yrs and yrs of wanting it .I'm still not gonna take it out.> weirdo right< still hurts too lol. It's up to u but I reason u are alergic> but i also have lots of peircings , my face affects me for some defence?>Ihave ears peirced 6 times each ear lol.never affected me hmmm>? gl. A year is one hell of a long time for a simple piercing to not hold healed. Chances are very dutiful that it is infected. Make an appointment with your doctor to have it checked. Unfortunately, we see MANY infected piercings surrounded by the emergency room.

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