Help! I have a chemical burn on my face, what will help make it better?

Help! I have a chemical burn on my facade, what will help make it better? I own been using an acne cream with benzoyl preoxide surrounded by it to help clear up my acne and now my obverse is red and it burns. I have tried aloe vera gel and oil of olay to try and mute the redness and burning but it only made it worse. Is at hand anything thing besides waiting it out to help steady it? Thank You!

Answer:    Stop using cleansers or acne creams of any kind.

Dont use any face dust with alcohol in it.

Aloe is a polite idea, as is vasaline.

If its raw I would put neosporin on it, dont put an ice pack over it, let it air out.

dont touch it contained by the mean time, keep a cold compress on it if it is still burning..
Irritating a chemical burn is a guaranteed approach to make the discoloration permanent. You are better rotten leaving it alone than randomly applying creams and lotions - they won't lend a hand anyhow. It usually takes a year or more for the color to go away, and you can't speed up the process. If in attendance is still discoloration after a year, you can then visit a dermatologist to see what treatment option are available I think you are making it worse by putting products containing chemicals on your already irritated face. Stop applying anything and permit your body heal itself. You might try cold compresses to reduce the blood flow to your facade. I have heard of using sweet almond grease or chamomile on reddened faces but I own not first hand experience.

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once I was really burned bad by sun sunburn bed, so I used Cala Gel, medicated anti-itch get. I know it sounds like it's not for you, but I used it on my burned skin and it help. try Neosporin or some other type of topical ointment. If it leaves a scar after it heal, try some cocoa or shea butter.
Try using the aloe plant, if you can find one just cut off a piece and unfold it up use the goo inside.

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