HELP!! im 14 and i have a face of acne...what at home *house products* can i use to make it go away. tips?

Pimples//acne;; how do i get my obverse clearer...? HELPP!

Answer:    toothpaste works good for on the spot treatment, but the white stuff, not the gel.n make sure it say fluoride! also, mixing up a mask of honey, cucumber and grapefruit and leaving it on for 10 min also help clarify. the grafefruit is a good antioxidant for the skin and cucumber is refreshing for it and makes your frontage appear brighter., also, to take down redness, try a green tea (or regular tea, but green tea is better) case. put the bag in for a time bit of hot/ boiling water for a minute and then lift it out and let it cool. it doesn't have to be right cold though. the best entry that works for me tho is proactive. i only do it at night, not twice a light of day as it recomends cause my face will gain too dry if i use it twice. it lasts a really long time and it works!.
Toothpaste is for teeth if it was for acne it would read out so on the directions. Some people got lucky but most twist up burned and here asking for scar relief from this affliction -

I am sorry to say-so not to many house hold items help acne if Proactive didn't backing I suggest seeing an MD for stronger medication that things over the counter can't help.

The only upright advice is a hot compress at the end of the time but you need things that tackle the germs in acne..
Try Proactive if you can come up with the change.

I suggest washing your face at darkness (I swear by the Wal-Mart knock-off of Noxema in the light blue pump bottle). In the mornings, label mixture of 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 water and use it like astringent beside a cotton ball. Lay off the indigestible foundation! Use powder if need, no sense for foundation. Don't use a moisturizer unless you really need to. If so, manufacture sure it's oil-free and only rub it on the dry spots of your face..
rubbing alcohol! other works for me and then use a good grease free moisturizer make sure you wash your facade everyday. Also I use clearisil vanishing cream during the day or when I give attention to im starting to get a pimple and it makes it step away and try using noxema to wash your face. i tryed the toothpaste point last night.
it really worked and i enjoy also found two websites where it tells you how to return with rid of acne by using products at home

the websites are:


good luck.
I know how it is to want to use something that is at home and cheaper than going out to riteaid or somewhere to purchase an expensive cream.. But, really near is one product out there that really really works and its not free or super expensive.. The name is Proactiv... really.. it works.. I longing they gave out samples so that relations wouldnt be reluctant to buy it.. save up and get some.. its great something resembling $19.95 None that I know of.

You can find really good products for under $10. Neutrogena have really good products.

I used this product for 3 years. Today, I have no acne.
It does make tracks your ace dry, though, but that's because it does the job. It has a pleasant smell too.

Here it is:
For bigger pimples try putting touthpaste on it, freshly a dollip, and then leaving it on adjectives nightt. by the am it will either be a lottt smaller or gone! or.weird and gross. earwax in actuality does the same thing...but thats another story! try toothpaste. I hear it's a upright remedy. Or try Clean and Clear or some other brand of cleansers. Just don't touch it, you don't want the oils on your fingers to make more!.
Wash your facade with raw milk up to that time you go to sleep. This is termed as decisive and easy method to get rid of acne.Log on to for a few home made tips to restore to health acne . ProActiv Solution.

It's $19.95 in U.S.

But your question showed up on my Philippines Questions Only question so if ever you are in the Philippines, I remember seeing one at Watsons for P2000. :-).
You really should check out

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