Help with my acne please!!?

Help on treating my acne!?
wats the best way of preparing tea tree grease and how shud i use it on spots...does it also work on acne stains??!! (mild scarring)

Answer:    Tea tree oil is very honourable for acne-prone skin. You can buy it in an oil form from the Body Shop. Firstly, you necessitate to wash your face thoroughly and afterwards in the morning and before you run to bed apply a little bit to the area artificial with spots. If you want to get rid of acne scar, I would highly recommend Cocoa butter. If you keep getting spots it would be advisable to call in your doctor or dermatologist - they can give you something a bit stronger..
you can start by washing your frontage and putting some drops to the spots affected. also, try to drink alot of water everyday and avoid slippery foods.

Anyway, you can check my blog for other stuff about acne..
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