How can I prevent myself from fainting?

I fainted once when someone be talking about an artery, and since after whenever anyone mentions anything to do with blood, or like the body or one hurt, I feel really dizzy and I'm scared I'm going to woozy again.

How can I get used to the topics and not feel sick or wobbly ?


Answer:    The dizziness and fainting might be caused by not ample blood getting to the brain, which happens sometimes when the body gets too excited or panicky. Basically, put your head down if you are sitting, and if you are standing, bend your neck and look down to the ground. This will increase the blood going to your brain. Your problem is most expected in your head, so once you do this a few times and see that u aren't going to giddy, you shouldn't have this problem anymore..
Cross your ankles. Squeeze your knees. Grip a ball. Simple muscle-tensing exercises resembling these can keep you from passing out.

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