How do i put in the picture my boyfriend that he give me a std ?

I'm so sad my ex boyfriend and i have sex on march 14,2007 and two weeks latter i have these signs of self pregnant. but im not pregnant it is so much worse than that. he gave pid (Pelvic inflammatory disease.) im so sick right immediately . i gonna tell him but i don't know how to make clear to him i want him to feel fruitless about this . if i would hold waited two more weeks to lug a pregnancy test i could own died form this . im happy i cought this untimely . but why do i feel similar to im the bad personality and why do i feel resembling sh*t? i have simply have have sex with one individual. this pid is very serious and i want some thoughts on how to tell my ex nearly what he gave me . thank you adjectives for your info and advice.

Did you return with any information about this disease from your doctor? Are you aware that here is no cure for this disease only treatments? Also did you know that this affects your luck of having kids? A friend of mine caught this when she be 14 years old, the doctor told her she will never own kids and she's stuck with this disease for time. Do not be afraid to tell your ex, its merely fair that you do transmit him. Baby girl he has already altered your go but giving you p.i.d. There's nothing to be afraid of, you don't want him to ruin other women lives too. I know its going to be unyielding to tell him, because he's going to turn it around on you effect he's in denial. But as long as you get your message across who cares what he right to be heard or think. You get it from him, he did not get it from you. plain and simple
You say aloud you've only have sex with one personality, do you mean next to the ex? You are not to blame in this situation and shouldnt surface like your the one to blame. He is the one who have been sleeping around and probably minus any precautions used at the time. If anyone should feel doomed to failure its your ex. Basically i would just confront him and look him directly contained by the eyes and tell him that he give you this STD which could've been life-threatening if not diagnosed in a flash. Also tell him that he should bid up all the race he has have sex with to tolerate them know they should get tested for PID.
I hope your taking medication for this condition a GP or gynacologist can treat this condition, product sure you get a follow up swab done simply to be sure its all clear.
Perhaps within future if your serious around someone get them to enjoy all the STD's tested by a doctor and you as very well, so that way you can both be sure your not going to block anything.
well, do you want other women to catch this disease?
tell him so he can go and get treated so he can't hurt other women.
I don't know alot about this disease but vitally you should be informative about it and maintain him your ex!
You have to be honest near him, just voice it as it is, its not the same entity as being close-fisted. Its a serious situation and for the sake of other women you have to put in the picture him. I doubt he could ever suffer as much as you have done next to the PID - I'm sure he'll live.
I don't know why you would blame yourself for an illness that could evolve to anybody; some women blame themselves for everything but you can't take that vista of yourself. It could honestly have happen to anybody: for instance I read that 10% of people contained by the UK carry Chlmydia. Its in recent times something that happens so stop hitting yourself up.
I hope you get resourcefully soon.
If your ex-boyfriend gave you an event what kind of STD you obligation to call him out on it and draw from him to go take treated. It is NOT ok for him to give you an STD and you to wonder if you should relate him about it. YES update him and find out what exactly is going on. If he put you at risk, do you really want to have anything to do near him? What's to say he wont pass you something worse later? Kick him to the curb out of your time permanently...not purely an ex but permanent ex. That's ridiculous.
first you stipulation to use protection from NOW on no matter how right it feels this should enjoy taught you a lesson sorry if i nouns harsh sex is 50/50

you stipulation to tell him straight up a moment ago say look remember nearly that night, this is what happen and now i hold this condition

He may have an STD too and not know it so you should make clear to him asap
1. Pull him aside
2. Tell him you went to the doctors
3. Tell him the docs diagnosed you next to a transmitted PID
4. Tell him before you be with him you have NOTHING.
5. Tell him to get tested otherwise his penis will become molded...

That usually scare the hell out of them..

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