How do you cover up hickies?

anyone got any ideas on how to cover up hickies? without makeup.. end in that just doesnt work.

i have to do a speech for my public speaking class in a couple hours.. and i hold some unsightly hickies on my neck. was a VERY good weekend.. lemme communicate you;)

but now.. well i need some design.. cause its not appropriate to give a speech with hickies adjectives over your neck.. lol

Answers:    Where a scarf or a coat or something to cover it up.

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I personally own never used the whole toothpaste thing. I put a spoon in the freezer after apply it to the hickey. Then after you let it sit there the red abrasion type look will lessen and you can apply some cortisone cream (from the drug store) and they should not be that noticeable. I as a rule apply just a little make up so that you cant see them at adjectives.

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well, get cold water and a q-tip. you want to break apart the blood vessel. take a comb too and brush over it and dab it for a bit. this usually works and will kinda "dim" it.

it really works if you do it right after you get them. i kill the moment.
you can try it now to see if that works though

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I like the scarf idea, you could also try a turtleneck. If it's really desperate I'd put a bandaid on it and if people ask you could just say you cut yourself next to your nails (or someone scratched you).

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get a turtleneck dude ... they come in both long and short sleeves depending on the weather where you are

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put toothpaste on them

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How to Remove Hickies
Step1Try the frozen spoon method. Put a spoon in the freezer and let it get really cold. Rub the cold spoon against the hickey. You’ll have need of to apply pressure while doing this in order to move the blood around. More than likely you’ll hold to repeat this frozen spoon method a few times.
Step2Conceal it with make-up or clothing. If the weather is on the chilly side, you can wear scarves or turtlenecks to cover the hickey. If it’s not cold enough to wear scarves or turtlenecks, you can apply mascara or foundation to the hickey to cover it up.
Step3Use the teeth of a toothbrush or comb to scrape the hickey to loosen up the blood. This will cause you some discomfort since bristles will be scraping against your skin. Be sure not to graze too hard because you don’t want to break the skin.
Step4Take a coin, preferable a quarter since it’s larger, and scrape the area beside the hickey. First flatten out the area by stretching the skin on both sides then firmly press the quarter onto the skin and scrape it. As beside the toothbrush or comb method, you don’t want to scrape hard enough to break the skin. This will move the blood that have collected around and help your hickey to fade faster.
Step5Wait it out. A hickey will eventually fade and go away on it’s own. You can rub cocoa butter, vitamin e, or aloe vera gel on it to try to make it fade faster but purely like with scars, hickies stipulation time to fade. --------------------------------- How do you cover up hickies?I don't know everything, but I can say that a hickie is a bruise. You can put a cold ice pack on it to get the blood to stop within the area and then put pure essential oil of Lavender on it every so normally. It will instantly lighten it on it's own. However, you can get lighten any bruise that road and then use a light cover stick on it to conceal it. That is what I do for bruises, but I don't know about hickies anymore...I'm too antediluvian now. How do you cover up hickies?

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