How does an expired condom increase your chance of getting a STD?

Answer:    An expired condom means; that the lubricant used and/or the materials are no longer guarantee to perform at its best. With that said, It would depend on what type of movement you used it for. (oral, anal, vaginal). expired condoms can brake but not necessarily. An expire condom is better than nothing at all. Remember a brand unsullied condom can brake as easily as an expired one and the chances could be like peas in a pod..
Expired condoms are more likely to break while you are having sex. Over time the latex breaks down resulting contained by a weaker product that will not protect you. The shelf life of condoms is quite long beside a condom containing spermicide lasting unopened for three years, and a condom with out spermicide an average of five years unopened. With this type of longevity, within is no need for expired condoms. Be careful if you are shopping for condoms and find a full-size batch that is on clearance. Make sure that you check the expiry date on the paper; the store may be trying to clear them out because they are approaching their expiry.

Using expired condoms does not mean that you will contract a disease or become pregnant; however it does increase the chance that the condom will break putting you at risk. Your best bet and safest choice is to use a condom i.e. well within its expiry date..
Materials used surrounded by condoms "decompose" over time and that means that there's a much higher prospect that they will rip or there will be a tear through which semen can miss.

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