How does someone get diabeties?

are you born with it? (type one) or can someone develop it at anytime?
how does someone develop it?

(My freind have it and i am very curious)

Answer:    Diabetes is characterized by the inability of the body to control it's blood sugar level. High blood sugar is agreed as hyperglycemia and is controlled by the hormone insulin. So diabetes interferes with the creation and secretion of insulin.

There are three types of diabetes and they disrupt the normal secretion of insulin contained by different ways.

The first type of diabetes is known as Type 1 diabetes, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or juvenile diabetes . It is often call juvenile diabetes to indicate the age that most people acquire it. It is unusual to acquire Type 1 diabetes past your mid 20's.

Although it is not particular how you get Type 1 diabetes, it is understood what cause the condition and some theories about why it occurs.

Type 1 Diabetes is certain as an autoimmune disorder. This means that the body destroys the cells that produce insulin because it think that they are harmful to the body. These cells are call the beta cells found in the islet cell that are located in the pancreas. Because the insulin producing cells are destroyed blood sugar level cannot be regulated by the body so insulin has to be injected into the body to perform this function.

Type 1 diabetes last for life and insulin replacement therapy must verbs throughout. It is thought that a combination of genetic and environmental factors cause type 1 diabetes. People are thought to inherit genes that will detail the body to destroy beta cells. This, combined near exposure to poor diets, air pollution or poor quality environments could produce the disease to occur. Research continues.

Type 2 diabetes, sometimes known as fully developed onset diabetes because it was thought to take place in later natural life (although this is changing) is caused by insulin resistance. The beta cells surrounded by the pancreas continue to produce insulin but the body needs more insulin than secreted to process the glucose or the insulin is smaller amount effective in converting glucose into glycogen and thus reducing the blood sugar rank.

Again, it is not completely clear why Type 2 diabetes occurs but being overweight is a adjectives condition of most Type 2 diabetic people. The common assumption is that a lifestyle of intake unhealthy foods and not taking regular or adequate exercise could contribute to cause this disease.

It is believed that hereditary genes may predispose a person to acquire Type 2 diabetes but most proposal on avoiding this condition is to lose weight, eat healthily and do more exercise.

Gestational diabetes is acquire during pregnancy and is a consequence of hormonal changes in the body during the pregnancy and, again, inherent genes. Gestational diabetes generally stops after childbirth.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common of the 3 types of diabetes. It is estimated that 90% of diabetics suffer from this form of the ailment. It also seem that there is more data on how to avoid and prevent this condition than any of the others. Exercising more regularly and ingestion a healthy, balanced diet can significantly diminish the chances of contracting the disease. If you already have it, exercise and well eating can make it smaller number intrusive to your lifestyle..
You can be born with type 1 diabetes but it is more common to develop it. There are some contributers approaching bad diet or if it runs in the relatives.
Type 1 basically is where the Pancreas stops producing insulin. Insulin runs around surrounded by your blood and picks up carbohydrates and takes it to the cells to be used as spirit so if you don't have any insulin the carbohydrates have nowhere to step and cannot be used.
Type 2 is where the pancreas is producing insulin but for some reason when it take the carbohydrates to the cell, the cell wont let it in. Type 2 can front to type 1 because the pancreas works overtime and produces lots of insulin because there is too much carbohydrates in the blood so surrounded by the end the pancreas is worn out and doesn't work well..
There is regularly a genetic factor in developing diabetes. It's very adjectives in my family--I have it, my father is insulin-dependent, and my grandfather died from complications from it.

Type I Diabetes, or Juvenile Diabetes, is what usually affects children, though as we become more obese as a society, some children are developing Type II. You can develop Type II at any time. It's more potential to develop in people who are obese, and sometimes losing freight can help control it, but that's not always the case--there are skinny diabetics, too.

60 Minutes just this minute featured a story about a surgery that can in fact cure diabetes in some patients--there is a gastric surgery in which bit of the stomach and intestine is removed, normally for weight loss. They've found that some diabetics who own the surgery were cured of their diabetes immediately, even beforehand they began to lose weight! The doctor they interviewed believes that taking out the pyloric tap, which is the valve between the stomach and the small intestines, cured the diabetes. I don't think it be effective in adjectives patients, but you might have your friend discuss it with her doctor, if she's interested..
Some are born beside juvenile diabetes, while some people develop it later surrounded by life. Diabetes has two types, type one and type two. If you want more information The American Diabetes Association have a web site with information. It can be inherent, being overweight, and other illnesses can go mitt in hand next to diabetes. yes you can just develop it..
There are various possible cause, and 3 different major types. Here's a site with appropriate info: mostly inherited from family
plumpness and not enough exercise ,.
its genetic. mostly genetics and strength

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