How long does it steal to ship proactiv?

i order proactiv just about less than a week ago
how long do u infer it will take to ship to chicago IL.
that depends on if you get express shipping or not / with express shipping you go and get it in roughly 3 days, and just regular letters about 7 days.
phone up the company and ask them!
About 8 more zits and it will be there
i still approaching chicken
You should get it fundamentally soon. I ordered it for my son a while back and it get to us in a week or smaller number, if I remember correctly. You can always telephone them and ask if they've shipped it yet.
it might help yourself to about a week contained by half depending on where on earth it's coming from!
I truely can recommend proactiv. Check this site out for 8 weeks free supply.
It took about 4 weeks for it to arrive to me.

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