How fast does small cell lung cancer spreads from the lung to lymph nodes?

MY dad was diagnosed next to small cell lung cancer at the end of ferbruary 08 he was paraplegic, but it took doctors roughly speaking two weeks to find out that he had cancer and by that time cancer had spread to lymph nodes from the lung. the symptoms started next to presistent coughing and it got worse but we thought it was lately a cold so he was just given some cold cough medication . we go to hospital two weeks since symptoms started begining of february . i cant help but wonder we waited too long, if he have went ot hospital straight away cancer might have be in early stages and could hold been cured. He died from chemo side effects on 24th or march. Do you estimate that the cancer was there longer than that? when he be diagnosed the tumor was about 3-4cm. He also have Pneumonia

Answer:    Oof! A tough question. Small cell spreads very early, the coughing could have been both the cancer and the developing pneumonia. I doubt that a few weeks would enjoy made any difference, you could never have predicted such serious problems were looming. The doctors would own pumped him with antibiotics for the pneumonia but the cancer would have continued anyway. I'm sorry for your loss - don't thump yourself up about something you had no control over..
There is definitely no defined time it takes for any cancer to move. Once cells start floating down the lymph ducts, it can be minutes or years back any of them start to grow in lymph nodes.

Even when none of them appear to have started to grow, to be exact not an indication that they have not lodged there, all set to grow when they can..
I am sorry to hear about your dad.
It is a sad parable, since nothing can be done now
As for your quiz,

Small Cell Lung Cancer, is a very fast growing tumor which is commonly diagnosed within advanced condition and in cases of no therapy the median survival time from diagnosis to release is only 6 weeks and one year survival without psychiatric help is 2%.
so sorry about the lose
yes i think the cancer be there for awhile

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