How to cure flu in a day?

i have have this flu for a week now and it seems close to nth i do can stop it. i have been taking tonnes of vitamin C. so pls relieve. thanks. =]

Answer:    Grapefruit seed extract.Put some within a drink and gulp it up.It will keep you so healthy.Anyway probably too belated for that now but maybe procure some cola syrup from drug store..
Vitamin C is not medicine. It is an antioxidant.

Also taking too much Vitamin C over your daily percentage will be toxic and might put together you more ill. Don't Overdose on the Vitamin C.

Also I recommend you see a doctor..
you can't cure the flu in a time.. but I am sure within the next week you should be impression alot better than you did before.. just drink plenty of hose.. take ur medication/vitamins..and get plenty of rest.. that's adjectives you can do. In a day?
Not on this planet; not in your lifetime..
You might want to check here, it may be of some relieve to you!

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