How to go and get rid of the germs cause the underarm to smell? (is within something natural)?

Tea Tree oil is the best route. This isn't a substitute for deodorant. but if it is a bacteria Tea tree grease is perfect and strangely so is garlic (a innate antibiotic, anti fungal and more) you can rub the clove it's self under within.

You might want to go stale antiperspirants because they may be causing your body to not sweat properly and grow germs.

You might also want to try switching brands of deodorant I've had to do that due to the oil in the sweat altering the deodorant and making a smell that be worse.

Yogurt may also be what your looking for. Plain. if your bacteria match is off you can apply yogurt directly and depart it for 10 min once a day. also tally some extra yogurt to your diet (just make sure they hold live culture in them)

apply Tea tree grease ($6) Walmart (and has a ton of other uses) and chomp through yogurt.
Washing is the best way... Shaving your armpits help too... and of course antipersirant (not deodorant)
the smell is from the pores and glands below the arm pit. Everyone has it. Wear a moral brand of deodorant antiperspirant.
To combat body odour naturally you requirement to make sure your intake of Niacin is sufficient - try drinking more liver, meat, fish, whole grain, legumes (peas, beans and lentils). Also perhaps you could draw from a digestive enzyme tablet from the chemist to aid proper absorption and digestion of your food?

colloidal silver can be sprayed on the underarms and because its bacteriostatic will minister to to kill them rotten. Has no smell which is handy :o)
wash below ur arm with soap and heat up water each day and wipe dry and after that u know u can grind the outer part of pomegranate and put the powder underneath ur arm , or just valet daily and put deodorant untaught one for sensitivity, u be ok, mostly change ur shirts every morning , u be fine

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