Hypothyroidism and another..?

I have Hypothyroidism, enjoy been diagnosed for almost 4 yrs now. Im not sure if I hold an autoimmune disease as well. My thyroid has be enlarged no matter what dosage I'm on. They did an ultrasound and found 3 nodules. The Dr. I'm seeing has put my Levothyroxine adjectives the way down to 100mcg even though I was on 150mcg. Before my 2nd pregnancy I have gone all the way up to 145mcg and as expected it had to go up during pregnancy, but the 145mcg be pretty close to what I needed not prego. Why would she down it like that? I'm exhausted and in want of a blood draw, I can tell when I need a high dose. She lowered my prescription because of insomnia and incredibly painful and out of control dandruff. I also own athletes foot on 1 foot that wont go away. Could this be related? I was going to hold biopsy on nodules but long story short they didn't and I do need 1. My new insurance wont cover pre existings until August. My query is, any of you have this? What have you done in the order of it?

Answer:    I am hypothyroid and take 200mcg of thyroxine. At one stage I was on 300mcg!

This is an autoimmune disease and my experience is (please minute this is only my experience) that this led on to other autoimmune diseases.

I hold found that the thyroid problems affects my hair in that it falls out contained by great big clumps at times, but no dandruff and no athletes foot.

You have to bear contained by mind though, that if you are not getting enough thyroxine, you body will not be able to repair itself suitably.

I would suggest that you look up yourself on the internet or wherever what the normal level are for TSH, T3 and T4. These are the blood tests they use to determine whether your thyroxine is working adequately. They customarily use TSH but the others are worth understanding and being aware of ordinary levels. You should then check next to your GP what your TSH level was on your ending test. If it fell below the normal horizontal they were right to lower your thyroxine because you can become overactive - thryroid.

You have to whip responsibility for understanding your condition and knowing what normal level are. Then you have to take responsibility for asking for your results respectively time you are tested. This is the only way you can know for correct that all your test results are person acted on properly.

If you are still tired and all your levels appear good on the thyroxine you are taking - you need to look at other things.

I am currently mortal investigated for celiac disease an autoimmune disease that affects the intestine and means that you have an intolerance to gluten. This is smoothly treatable by eating the correct food - without gluten.

However, one of the copious side effects is severe tiredness and exhaustion.

So, I recommend you fully get involved within your treatment and your thyroid results. If all this seems surrounded by order, try to look at other things that may be causing symptoms and check it out near your GP.

Good luck!

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