I am a 13 almost 14 year old teen and i think i have lung cancer?

i am not sure i dont know if its just my cold or what but ive one and only been smoking for like 1 1/2 years im not a stocky smoker i smoke like 2 times a day I don`t know sometimes more and i have like this cold and ive heal from it but i still have this cauph how ever you spell it [cof] loland it makes my stomach hurt nad its anoying its be going on for aabout 4 days and i need like some suggestions

Answer:    Its "cough" (looks approaching the smoke's clogging ur brain), and ur still young, so STOP smoking, i mean ur literally burning ur insides. VISIT the doctor, find an MRI or CAT scan or whatever and get urself checked or ur gonna regret it big time..
What you really inevitability to do (apart from stopping smoking obviously) is to go to the doctors.
You sound as if you may enjoy a chest infection which is why it hurts so much when you cough.
Smoking will aggravate it as you are filling your already sore lungs with even more obnoxious stuff every time you drag on a cigarette.
If you feel scared give or take a few having lung cancer now, picture what will happen if you continue to smoke....
I have the same thing when I have a cold a month or two ago. All my other cold symptoms went away yet I be still left with the cough/breathing article, as you describe. That part went away not too long afterwards. I be beginning to think I probably have pneumonia or bronchitis, but apparently I didn't and it went away on it's own after about a week or two after my cold have gone away. Just give it a little more time. Trust me, you're fine.

So no, I don't consider you have cancer. But you really should give up the smoking up to that time you DO end up with cancer some afternoon..
Well I'd suggest going to see a doctor if you're worried.
Having never had any form of cancer personally I can't really comment but I presume if it was something really serious you'd know about it. you will probably die within a week if you continue smoking.. it happened to my friend once :( they get your symptoms..
you should relaly stop :(
hope this helps
stop smoking and see a doctor you may have an infection surrounded by the bronical tubes which is very treatable I don't think nearly it a lung cancer talk to your parents wether to consult a doctor.
No it is not lung cancer. Tell dad about it. Stop smoking... I reckon that this is an infection !.
You got da cancer consult a doctor but still i don't think it lung Cancer

hope you are OK draw from well soon

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