I am peeling from a sunburn do you know any tricks to get rid of the peeling?

Answer:    As long as there is no more damaged skin you can use a loofah, after use a bath puff with a moistureizing body dust. then be sure to use a moisturizing lotion with aloe. Its really considerable to do this it will help cut down the time that you peel as in good health as keeping the itch to a minimum. If you can find it look for a product called "Corn Huskers lotion" it works so great even though it looks, and feels really gross and smells a short time strange, it is amazing stuff for sunburns and peeling..
Aloe Vera gel (can be found in surrounded by the aisle with sunblock in most stores) will aid relieve the burn/stinging sensation of sunburn and help with crumbling a little. for peeling on the facade just wash your bath gently with anything product that is gentle on your skin (don't try to skin you face because it will hurt and you will look bad). For the rest of the body just humanely wash the skin with a loufa sponge or use a skin exfoliant. Otherwise you kinda enjoy to wait for your skin to return to normal honestly the passageway i get rid of it is just outer layer it of and maybe if you are lucky like me next you wont lose your tan from peeling. pious luck and i love hello goodbye!.
Try aloe vera directly on your skin especially where it hasn't started to peel however! Good Luck! Take a shower using a sea sponge
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Available at bath accoutrements stores
And some department stores
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