I am looking for information on TONOPAN for migrane.?

Dear Susan,
Tonopan has three prime ingredients in it. It includes the following:
1.Caffeine: is added to boost absorption of the drug.
2.Dihydroergotamine mesilate:this have vasoconstrictor effect and partial agonist at serotonin receptors. Also, it has contraction effect on the uterus. so Don't nick it if you are pregnant.

its indication for Migraine and other vascular headache.FYI ( for your info) Migraine is described as a neurovascular headache.

I mention this because there is also another drug has impossible to tell apart name Tonopan (ID) which is Diclofenac for headache not migraine ( it can be effective surrounded by the earlier stage of the pain) , so if you don't see these ingredients ask your Pharmacist.

Again, Migraine result from vascular change which we believe that some vasoactive substances such as Serotonin, prostaglandins, catecholamines,,, etc liberated by some precipating factor include anxiety, emotional stress and sometimes during menstrual peroid. Or taking some oral contraceptives or estrogen.

If you hold severe or uncontrolled hypertension ( high blood pressure) or some vascular disease, Don't cart it. It is also contraindicated ( prohibited) in pregnancy.

If you consistency numbness or tingling of your extremities generally indicates that you should stop this medication and inform your doctor.

Don't pilfer this medication with other antimigraine or vasoconstrictive medication because it may cause some vascular side effects!

Good Luck!
look it up online. Never hear of it. I looked it up and you dont need an rx to attain it. I wouldnt try it unless a Neurologist recommends it

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