I am pre diabetic and i have this rash on my checks under my eyes and by my nose please help what is it?

Answer:    Is it a dark type of stain? Check the back of your d├ęcolletage as well- chances are, you probably have like rash on the back of your collar but you just haven't noticed it because you can't see it. When you are insulin resistent (pre-diabetic) your skin thickins (I don't know why, it lately does) and it is typical to get dark rash, marks around areas such as your neck, belly, etc. You can lessen your insulin resistence by excercising more, and probably losing weight if it is needed..
There are a number of skin problems that are more commonly see in people beside diabetes.
A darkening of the skin at the back of the nouns and under the armpit is known as Acanthosis nigricans. The skin have a velvety feel. This condition occurs within people with type 2 diabetes who are severely insulin resistant. It does not require any treatment.
To know much more about diabetes related skin complications visit
Is it red and raise? Could be rosacea

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