I think my sister's smoking.?


Answer:    How old is your sister? If she is a beneath 18, it is illegal in most states. That might be the positive aspect you need make her stop. Tell her you will report to mom, for example, you did not give details.
She may be mad at you. But she will still love you within the long run.

If she is of age, you will have to let her breed her own mistakes. Even if you know it is doing her harm, you have to agree to her make that choice. However, you can tell her that you love her and you want her to live a long and natural life. But if she won’t listen you will have to permit it go.

Good luck, which ever you choose to do, it is nice to know that people still vigilance for each other.

I smoked for a life time I desire someone would have stop me no one even tried..
permit her smoke. free country. I mean, you can tell her you regard it's stupid but you can't control her. Let her get on with it..
jus straight up ask her "dude r u smokin ?, if so elapse da blunt!! lol jk

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