I have a cold?

I just get a cold. It started with an itchy throat leading to a sore throat after my nose was getting runny and I be getting big headaches. My teacher be first sick then my friend got sick and after my class. Then finally I got sick. Now today I feel somewhat pain inbetween my chest. Should I be scared or is it only the cold?

Answer:    yes, it's ok.,,
they are some symptom of cold,..
It's normaly, when someone get cold he/she will feel headache, cold but her body is melt, her nose runny and aometimes she fell little pain between her chest, it's because her stomach enjoy problem, there are to much stomach acid until bother her chest.,,
I direction you for go to clinic and check up to a doctor before 3 days since you begin sick.,
It's cause by bad weather sometimes cause by commutation of weather
I hope you will recover and return your healty.
Most likely a cold. Rest and lots of liquid are good for that. Hot showers sometimes make you have a feeling better.

The bet thing you can do to stop the spread of colds is to wash your hand regularly.

If you stay sick for 7 days or so and still feel bad, clear an appointment with your doctor.

If you start having chest headache or shortness of breath, go to the hospital.

good luck

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