If its not strep throat.. consequently what is it?

So about three days ago I woke up with a sore throat- but it was close to a wierd sore throat. I looked at it in the mirror, and it was just red near some red bumps on it, so i figured I was just getting sick, I popped some vitamin C, and go on with my buisness. Two days later, I felt alike, my tonsils felt more swollen (they're usually pretty swollen) than usual, but I didn't have much of a cough and I didn't have a stuffy trunk either. I checked my temp. and it was 98.something. So I looked at my throat a little closer. When I looked at it, I notice that there were yellow-white mucus like spots towards the vertebrae of my tonsils. I showed my dad and he made me go to the doctor today. Today I didn't really notice any white spots and my throat feels better, but my tonsils are still swollen and red.
I a moment ago got back from the doctor a little while ago, and they did a swab tryout, it came back negative for strep, but they sent another swab to a different lab to fashion sure. So they pretty much said that its just a special kind of cold, but thats kind of grotesque to me.. I've never had anything like this before. Is the doctor right or could it be something else?
Answers:    Sounds approaching you've got a bit of tonsillitis.There's plenty of viral causes which present in almost similar ways to Strep throat, so there has to be a bit of educated guesswork beforehand the lab results come back. Since you've tested negative for Strep, they probably won't put you on any antibiotics.

Most viral pharyngitis resolves by itself pretty quickly in need treatment, if it's caused by EBV (giving you glandular fever / infectious mono) it can last a bit longer, and possibly give up your job you pretty exhausted for a few weeks or months.

So to answer your question - if it's not Strep throat, it could be ...
Viral (~70% of sore throats)
- Adenovirus: clears up very quickly
- Epstein-Barr virus: infectious mononucleosis
- CMV: smaller number likely

Bacterial causes other than Strep aren't totally likely. Source(s): Med school

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sounds like tonsillitis. i hold had it many times in my life span.i have most of your symtons when i have it.

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Maybe tonsillitis

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This actually happen to me last night! My throat was bothering me a great deal and i was having pain when i swallowed my saliva and any food or drink. I looked at it contained by the mirror with a flashlight and i saw that my right tonsil was very swollen, red, split unfurl, pussing, and looked like it was bleeding slightly. I went to the doctors this morning and they also took a swab exam, and it came back negative for strep.
Turns out i enjoy tonsillitis! You may too. It's extremely painful! Did they prescribe any medication to you? They gave me a dose of prednizone (sorry for the bad spelling there) which is a steroid to slim down the swelling. It actually made me throw up. If you can gargle with salt hose, try and do it. I can't, it makes me want to throw up again. Another thing is that when you swallow the puss on your tonsil it upsets the stomach and could make you throw up. Try intake chicken soup, the salt in it will help your tonsils. I found ginger ale is also soothing my throat deeply, it's painful to swallow at first but it gets better.
I hope you feel better soon! I'm below pressure to get well very soon, I'm supposed to be taking my ACT's this saturday! Source(s): www.webmd.com

I know plentifully of this from experience as well.

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