Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Does anyone else have this problem?

This have been daily for three months, and is not abating. I enjoy had a great deal of personal stress for the later three years.

It starts about each daytime with a "knot" feeling contained by the upper left stomach. Then, this releases and a "burning" feeling settles surrounded by the lower left stomach. The pain is somewhat strident, but not unbearable.

Also, there is irregular bowel movements and occasional diarrhea.

What can be done to stop this? Thanks so much for any help out you can provide.

Answer:    It sounds like you may be suffering from Hypochloridia or possibly H.Pylori bacteria. If you are suffering the misery after eating, it is most likely due to low stomach acerbic. If the pain is when you start to eat, it is most feasible H.Pylori issue and this can be due to low stomach acid as well.

Stress can motivation many problems and one of those is a disruption in conventional digestion. The parietal cells in the stomach produce the HCL that forms the stomach tart. These cells can be subdued by trauma and physical scars on the front of the body. Emotional trauma can rationale the same problems. The brain is an organ that can control organs in the body to very soon work well, etc.

The irregular bowel movements are indicative of low stomach acid and a problem beside your intestinal flora. Under these conditions, toxins are allowed to have free access to your body and problems will happen due to this. I suggest you find a practitioner surrounded by your area that understands QRA carrying out tests techniques and can test you for specific nutrient deficiency and also EFT would help you greatly. We all enjoy stresses. It is generally not the stresses that make us sick, but how we switch and deal with the stresses that matter.

good luck to you

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