Is there a doctor in the house?

Yesterday morning my stomach was hurting, I figure it was just cramps seeing as it's that time of the month... but subsequently that morning, I got that weird consciousness you get right before you throw up, so I run to the bathroom and while there, I started to feel faint-ish and wobbly, and my phantasm began going a little blurry and my ears feel like they needed to pop and of course through adjectives this my stomach was like exploding beside pain... after a few minutes it all faded, except the stomach twinge. After another few minutes the feeling you get earlier throwing up came back for almost 5 minutes but nothing else happened... my stomach kept hurting until I get home where it miraculously disappeared as soon as I lay down. Something similar to this has happen maybe two times before this, the closing time was over a year ago though. Am I dyin' or what? XD

Answer:    There could be several causes of such symptoms but, it is importantly unlikely that you are dying. Since this has happened contained by the past, the best advice would be to see your Doc. He/she know your medical history and based on an evaluation, he/she may order some test and /or, give you a referral, if warranted. I hope specifically helpful.
Ruth. is not the place to answer this. You have have symptoms for a year off and on. Go to see your family MD. He/she can do any of the test that you need and is the expert to see for something like this. You are probably not dying. This could be anything from stress to an ear infection to not drinking satisfactory water to your period to human being pregnant to eating something weird at work.

We, resembling, don't know. Talk to a physician, mmkay?.
You are definately not dying!... But it sounds like gallstones to me. Does the pain start suddenly and receive real strong after a while? Does it begin surrounded by the center of your stomach and radiate to your right side and or back? Gallstones can be REAL painful.... they fire up suddenly and just like they initiate.. they usually disappear after a few mins or even hours. Eating greasy food can cause gallstones.. so watching what you eat is definately of use.
I do recommend you go see a dr and get your gallbladder checked. Usually surgery is recommended and usually it's the lone way. Don't freak out about the surgery... its really a simple procedure. It take about 20 mins for the dr to get it out.. and usually you solely end up with 3 small incisions. Its same light of day surgery, so you get to go home on like day.

Good luck and hope you feel better!

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