Is it safe for a guy to have a passionate kiss and french kiss with his wie?

The situation

During a couple's foreplay... please take make a note of that both husband and wife don't have any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

My question is...

Without brushing his mouth and teeth, is it protected for the husband to have a prolong passionate kiss and french kiss beside his wife "immediately after" he perform an cunnulingus (kissing and licking the vagina) to his wife ?

if it is not secure, what should the husband do?

Note: Cunnilingus is a form of oral sex. it the act of using the mouth, lips, and tongue to stimulate the womanly vagina and her labia lips.

Answer:    You both are clean (clean of STDS...not brushing your teeth doesn't result in STDs) can do ANYthing sexual at all and not get an STD

Only problem can come to pass is if you're into ANAL sex... it can carry bacteria (fecal material) if you do something else right after Anal sex...

Oral & vaginal sex are both deeply clean!
Personally I get VERY turned ON by him kissing me right after oral sex....
Yea why not...some dont, even if they do not enjoy HIV or STDs b/c they think it's nasty.
But it is really eager to kiss eachother after performing oral or giving that one you love the gift of extacy for a moment. all of the fluids mix basically fine. I enjoy the mixing of flavors. very arousing. wallow in

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