Is there privatized insurance for Crohn's Disease patients? If so, how much does it cost?

I have Crohn's (6 years now) and am currently self treated with Remicade. I need to find a private insurance company that will cover me and hopefully pay envelope a significant portion of the medication costs!

Answer:    hi, i am a female crohn's pt. depending on if you live in the states or the UK, within should be a support group that can help you. The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America has a website you can walk to. They have tons of updated information as well as a live chat and a hotline that you can call for and talk to a healthcare expert. They also have a forum where on earth you can post questions to others like yourself.

Hope this information can be of some assistance to you. Best of luck..
Do you live contained by the UK? I have found it difficult to get medical insurance for a pre-existing chronic sickness. I suffer chronic fatigue syndrome and it is a pain trying to get backing with medical costs. As you've had your condition for 6 years I presume you know adjectives the websites and stuff, but try contacting and asking them for advice. They might know of an insurance firm you could try!
Hope this helps.
I call a few places about 8 years ago for some supplemental insurance and the agents literally laughed contained by the phone. I hope you can though. My husband's in the military and that's the only path we can afford for me to be alive.

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