Is the deficiency of alpha anti-tripsin hereditary? Just wondering, Grandpa died of emphasemia (never smoked).

This is the enzyme that blocks the action of proteolytic enzymes that are destructive to elastin and other substances surrounded by the alveolar walls.

Answer:    A1AD is inherited. However, remeber you get one from father and one from mother. So the young of the A1AD could be a carrier. In my family of 7 children and two bio parents, my father have A1AD, my mother did not. My oldest and youngest brothers are A1AD. I'm a carrier. The rest of them won't get tested..
I'm afraid it is heritable.Alpha1-antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency, first described in 1963, is one of the most adjectives inherited disorders among Caucasians. Its primary manifestation is early-onset panacinar emphysema. Check out this web site below.Hope this help:) i have emphysema,,,i smoke 48yrs..
my doctor said being around those smoking can cause
you the same as if you did...the rubber type pool liner in your lungs get so loose you can't breath..that the reduce to rubble....don't smoke now two years,,,had i didn't;t,,,i would be comatose...there are jobs that enjoy the same affect. with as smoking near there fumes..

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