I've asked this b4 and need more answers please?

I was wondering if "they"( the drug companies) craft "fresh" vaccines? My son's 1 year shots are this Friday and I'm thinking of putting him on a revised schedule. I've noticed that allot of the shots enjoy formaldehyde, therimisol and Mercury in them.. (as preservatives) I would never hand my son a bottle near this stuff in it, why would i inject it into his body? Are those ingredients necessary? Do they put together "fresh" shots?

I posted this in another health category and lone go one answer which wasnt really an answer..anyone out there?

Answer:    As far as i"m aware they don't clear fresh vaccines. Vaccines are typically made up of dead bacteria. Your body is smart and doesn't retribution any attention to dead bacteria. So they make the addition of an "irritant" to alert your body to the bacterias. These irritants are poisens, like mercury. They say it's within such a low dose that it's not an issue. And they also say that the benifit of the vaccine out weighs the cost of the poisens. I'm a bit of a skeptic myself though, so I do vaccines on a much slower programme, only one at a time..
Vaccinating in any respect is much safer than not vaccinate. Talk to your doctor, but otherwise, keep him on his vaccination calendar. If you have enough money, I'm sure you can buy them. Ask your doctor nearly it..
Go to the doctor in ASK someone who no's boo I found this on a medical website:

A concerned father recently contacted me roughly speaking the no-added-mercury flu vaccine. He had called the manufacturer who admitted that there be still trace amounts of mercury in the vaccine. He wanted to know from me whether within was a brand available for young children that be totally free of mercury. Sadly, in the United States we pump over 40 tons of mercury into the air respectively year, mostly from the emissions of coal-burning power plants. Because of this, trace amounts of mercury are in the atmosphere we breathe, in the water we drink, and contained by most of the food we eat. It pollutes our lakes and streams. An American can’t stir through a single day mercury free. But we can avoid adding unnecessary mercury to our bodies. Our local rime cream parlor used to sell what they called “sugar-free” rime cream. It’s now called “no sugar added” because, even though they didn’t use sugar as an ingredient, the milk from which the rime cream is made naturally contains lactose, a type of sugar. Organic food is grown without the use of chemical pesticides. This make it dramatically lower in pesticide residues than the alternative, but does not guarantee that it is pesticide free. We live in a world contaminated by pesticides. And so it is next to the new flu vaccine. The manufacturers hold stopped adding any mercury as a preservative, but trace amounts still get surrounded by during the manufacturing process. The amount is less than 0.5 millionths of a gram. The FDA estimates that the typical 24 pound child within the flu vaccine age range takes more than this into his or her body every single hours of daylight through what he or she eats, drinks, and breathes. Getting the no-added mercury flu vaccine in increase to the typical daily mercury amount puts the child within the EPA’s nontoxic range for the day. A regular flu vaccine, instead, contains = 50 times as much mercury as the new vaccine (and almost as much as you would find in partly an average 6 ounce can of white tuna). The regular flu vaccine would give the 24 pound child about 25 times the on a daily basis amount of mercury that the EPA says is safe. Even so, the amounts are tiny. There have been no proof yet of blight from the amounts in a regular flu shot. Still, now that the no-added mercury reworked copy is available, I see no reason to expose kids to the extra amount.

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