Last year i started getting Vertigo....?

I HATE seems to surface during the pollen season..last year i had it from June until October :( i have the constant feeling of light headedness and ect..if i turned my director a certain way i would hold a severe episode for about 1 minute then it fade away.....i take meclizine..any ideas on what could be cause this?? an allergy perhaps?

It's starting again ... Help!!


Answer:    my husband had Vertigo around 3 years ago, and the doctor gave him some, Promethazine, and he took just one and it made him drowsy, so he quit taking it because it made him grain double, dizzy, he had a bad person in charge cold, and sinus headache , the doctor said this causes it he said that he could ally stand up, so he went to piggly-wiggly and bought some sudaffed, and took some peninsillin, and it when away and never come back since, so i know how you feel i have to do all of the driven and he was other dizzy, i which you the best this is not a good feeling so you can try it to see if it will work for you too, i'am sorry you are going though something close to this, and yes the pollen can cause it to. and if a spider bite you so check, your body out for any 2 small holes beside each other, and please bring care of your self. God bless!!.
I had it once for almost 2 years, I really thought I may have a brain tumor, until my head be xrayed, but mine was caused from sinus drainage that would jump behind my years, and just collect in attendance. i have it too... i notice i draw from it when i stop taking my iron pills..because i am anemic... and also when i dont get enough sleep...i loathe it too... it mke me feel like im sports car sick or something...without actually self inside of a car.
i was diagnosed beside anemia 2 years ago well and was fine all right last year i had severe "bpv" benign positional vertigo i literally have to hold on to the carpet becuase i thought i would slide off i notice this in the shower one day wrapping my tresses up in a towel as soon as i put my head down it startedi be holding on to the wall so i drove myself to the er thinking i have somthing wrong come to find out i was 2 months pregnant so they regard as being pregnant and having anemia while pregnant could enjoy made it worse i was having it so impossible well the babys out and i havent had an episode all the same .

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