Liver Function Tests?

Hello, I recently applied for time insurance and was told I have elevated liver function readings:
Bili 1.7 (0.2-1.5 norm)
AST 70 (0-33 norm)
ALT 54 (45 norm)
GGTP 284 (0-65 norm)
HAA 10.9 norm (<10.5 norm)
Yes, I've be drinking too much lately...been out of work for six months..fortunately I a short time ago found a job but what a price to rate if I killed my liver. I Now I DID drink fairly a bit the night in the past I had the question paper and I've read somewhere that that could really raise the level.
I had have blood work done by my rheumatologist a month ago and thought all be fine since I hadn't heard put a bet on but called today and be told those numbers were large too (wonder when they were going to transmit's my life here....), again, I have been drinking the dark before...

So they are probably going to want to do more test...I've been have trouble nailing them down on when and what but...
Anyway...any suggestions on what I can do besides pray?
I am going to own to agree with bauer. Having elevation in the LFTs across the board would be an indication of long residence high alcohol consumption, not a short time ago the result of a one night binge. They may normalize if you stop drinking, but here may also be some permanent lay waste to there.

It mixing, there have to be concern for other hepatotoxic etiologies. (liver poisoning diseases). These could include: drugs, gall stones, cancer, hepatitis, and pancreatitis, to pet name a few.
You mean besides drinking too much. I find it disconcerting to hear going on for someone drinking a lot the dark before drawing blood. It is not in recent times the "night before" to be exact causing your liver enzymes to rise. It is your lifestyle. I hope you clutch this as a wake up ring up and get some oblige.
Chronic alcohol can lead to cirrohisis but be talking give or take a few CHRONIC use. Your numbers are elevated b/c your liver is enflamed. But remember that your liver is the most resilient organ in your body and can treat itself very at the double... When your ALT, AST and total bilirubin are in the 1000's, consequently you are looking at evidence of hepatoxicity. Right now, it appears that your liver is upset. You inevitability to drink in moderation previously you turn your liver to pate'.
My name is Susie and I am a greatful recovering alcoholic near a God given sobriety date of Sept.10,1996.
Though not always reliable,in demand or easy. . . sober time is more fun than I ever thought it could be and I am happier than I ever thought possible.
Liver function tests can modernize dramatically and you liver can start to heal if you haven't wait too late and you quit drinking TOTALLY and do it NOW! ! ! !
Find an AA club and start attending regularly. . . AA member are what have help me to understand my drinking,win through the tough times in impulsive sobriety and are now my household and I would not give them or AA up for anything.

Good Luck
Drinking alcohol will elevate your liver enzymes but you own several reading that are out of range which could indicate a problem excluding your drinking. You should be tested for hepatitis B and C. This disease is dangerous because the liver is a non complaining organ and will just start showing symptoms when it is near anticlimax. Please get tested. Risk factor for hepatitis C are tattoos, accidental needlesticks (medical workers), IV drug use even one time spinal column in the year, blood transfusions prior to 1992, piercings, unsterile medical/dental equipment, and for hepatitis B add adjectives those plus sexual contact because it is transmitted through bodily fluids.
It is a simple blood test to find out if you hold the antibodies, then if you do you will want a viral load examination. It is treatable if caught early adequate, and managable. Best wishes to you.

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