Loose motions contained by diabetese? reason?is it chancy after why?remedy? please its urgent. ?

Answers:    loose motion in diabetes is dangerous , because it is mainly due to two reason . one is infection which daibetic person is more prone to get it because of low immunity. secondly electrolyte emblance .when blood sugar is not below control . it is dangerous because it leads to diabetic keto acidosis . resulting ketone bodies in urine .
remedy is control of diabetics and infection correct electrolytes and
intestininal movement to be controlled which is hyper helpful

Why does my heart hurt?

u need to consult a doc for medical probs. u should not ask here and get tensed or go for a wrong treatment. we are advise not to a pharmasist and ask for a medicine..but how can a lay man answer and treat u..it might lead u into someother prob. and u know wrong medications are risky and it might lead to kidney failures..i dont understand this..at adjectives..pls u need help go to a doc..and obligation medical advise..get well soon :)

How do i inform my parents that..

If the merciful is taking the oral diabetes medication Glucophage (metformin) this medication causes diarrhea in many folks and may be the problem. If not, then a visit to the doctor is in lay down.

Is within any relation between alcohol and..

diarrehea can lead to severe dehydration, which can cause imbalance of the electrolytes and difficulty getting blood to the body organs, which can result contained by oran failure and/or heart attack

Go to the doctor.

Do you conjecture I own the flu?

I don't understand your question.

How can I stop sneezing?

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