My chest x-ray showsI have mild scoliosis of lower dorsal spine with right sided convexity?

In the impression of overall report it shows NO CARDIO PULMONARY PLEURAL LESION IS SEEN.

What this could be??

Answer:    This is probably the irreversible consequence of poor posture, especially when reading and writing, during your childhood and youth.

You will have to do exercises to prevent your scoliosis from plaguing you all your vivacity. These are not difficult or time-consuming, but they are essential..
Check the replies from yesterday's question. They are much more correct than these. if its a mild scolisis, you dont need a milwakee brace...proper rear strenghtning excersies would just work fine. swimming is very benifitial.
scoliosis could set within due to badly maintained posture,very well its mild so dont b worried. i would recommend u lumbar belt to b worn for 21 days when ur at work, then repeat x-ray n get within touch. please, see a chiropractor, who will help u out through acupressure/acupuncture techniques.

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