My mom is donating her kidney to my grandpa (her dad)...what do i have to worry about?

Answer:    Don't worry. Be happy..
look i hold recieved two kidney transplants in my lifetime and both were from living donors. your mother is an amazing woman!! Both my donors are unquestionably fine...have never had a complication...own never had any health problems. Doctors turn to extreme measures to make sure that the donor is, I would like to articulate, better than healthy to make sure within is a very slim chance of both 1. the donor human being healthy so as to not get or skirmish off any infections and 2. the donor not have any problems down the road.

of coarse in that is a chance of something happening as beside ANY surgery. chance of infection, complication during the precedure, chance of something stirring down the road to the other kidney. but think of how much happier and healthier your grandpa will be.

trust me everything will be ok. i will hold you all in my prayers and fitting luck!.
Your Mom is very cool to help her Father this channel. She would not have been preferred as a donor if she wasn't healthy so you don't have frequent worries.

While she's recovering from the surgery though, it would be really good if you could take over the housework and shopping - anything that involves like mad of lifting or standing. She's going to be uncomfortable for a few weeks but should make a full reclamation and be back to normal surrounded by a couple of months.

One thing most people don't reckon about is that anytime you get anesthesia you find really sluggish for a while - it's hard to think clearly and sometimes tricky to have as sharp a memory as usual. Be patient. It will adjectives come back but it might take a few weeks..
There are other things that can happen during any surgery but my ex husband donated his kidney to our son almost two years now, and he have no problems what so ever, the surgery was a few hours, then he go into the recovery room and the next afternoon was up and walking he said he was surrounded by a little pain but they control the backache with pain meds, and he be in the hospital for 4 days then discharged, he be out of work for 6 weeks and then back to work, he have no problems at all and said it was plentifully better then he thought it was going to be. It is upsetting to know your mom is doing this but she wants to help her father and it's a wonderful article she is doing you should be so proud of her and I am sure she is so happy to be able to distribute your grandfather the gift of life it's an awesome piece that she is doing. And I am sure that she will be just fine, you will have to administer her lots of tender loving care when she gets home but I am sure she will be only fine, she will be out of the hospital before your grandfather I will keep your mom and grandfather within my prayers god bless and good luck!! Worry about surgery complications.
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Surgery / Post-Op: Although the surgery is perform electively or semi-electively, it is a big operation. There are significant risks associated with surgery and there are copious potential complications during and afterwards. Fortunately, most people do well and are competent to go home after a few days.

Complications: There are a number of complications that can transpire after the transplant, particularly during the first few months after the surgery. The most common complications involve infections ..
you enjoy nothing to worry going on for ..they do that operation so often that it is almost routine .. sure there is a karma or complications but then you could have problems driving to the store, within fact your more likely too. give mom a kidney 7 years ago and had no problems, except trying to keep up near mom , the benefits to her far out weighed the risk to me Well, they might both be chillin' in the undemanding chair for awhile. I know a guy who's dad donated his kidney to him a few years back. The guy have been on dialysis for years and he was only just thirty. Today, he's alive and well, married, with a son. Oh, and his dad is great too!.
you hold to worry about your mother, she might stay contained by the hospital for months, or for a year or two.So make sure your mother will make the right choice. no worries at adjectives. The chances of complications during surgery are very low, so near should be no problem at all. She'll do fine with one kidney..
i deduce that surgery is dangerous.
and it is also dangerous to live next to one kidney but very possible.., so good luck!
and google it btw!.
Nothing. It will be alright. As a guy who undergo tons of surgery, and I was always panicky about it, believe me mom and grandad will be fine. Good luck. Nothing. Infection is super slim because of all the modern sterile methods and anti-bodies. It'll work famously- I'll pray for them for ya. :).
it increases the accident of her last kidney failing and depending on how old your grandpa is infections from the surgery her other kidney failing..
zilch, its not ur kidney

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