My pimple turned into a hole and i don't know why or what to do...?

A few days ago i got this unusual pimple that looked like a blackhead on top of a pimple i'm solely a teen so pimples are kinda expected coz i also have bad skin but when i get out the shower this morning it turned into a hole. Can anyone tell me why? what i can do about it? and if it is long-lasting?? thanx

Answer:    It probably just came out and the hole is a result. When you hold blackheads it stretches out your pores, that's why it is important not to get them. It should shrink spinal column down..
never squeeze a pimple. Go to mary kay and get that pink masque. it will bring all the lower than the skin bumps to the surface and then proceed to dry them up.
when you squeeze it does cause a hole. You can use witch hazel on your skin. return with you some queen helene masque put it on your face every single day or nite. your pimples will jump away if you do. but get that stuff at mary kay. dont pick your face dear. Well my best suggestion is to get hold of that checked out. Go to a skin Doctor. I don't know what that is. Sorry I couldn't be more helpfull..
I have have sub-cutaneous cysts and they kind of cave contained by, if that is what you mean by a hole, but I've never have one on the face. If it persists, you have need of to see the dr. if it really "caves in". You might have accidentally popped it surrounded by the shower.

It will heal, just be sure to bathe your face often..
its nvr happen to me
but the pimple probly popped and ur pore is probably just streched out.
jst give it some time and if it doesnt turn away then try a poor minimizing cream.
it's cancer

choo gotcho self some melanoma.

Yes it will be permanent.

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