Pain on the front of both sensitive to touch..what is it?

In the past two to three weeks, I've have this pain on the front of both thighs. My skin is extremely sensitive near and the slightest touch is very tender. It seems to acquire worse as the day go on and then is better when I bring up in the morning. It be on both thighs but now seem to be bad merely on the left. Any design what this could be?
Pain of this type is almost always due to irritation, inflammation, or infection (often viral) of a cutaneous effrontery (a nerve which supplies the skin). If the do of the problem is viral a typical course is from 2 to 6 weeks and if it is present past 8 weeks the brass neck infection has most imagined (but not always) caused lasting harm. It sounds as if this is bothersome adequate that you may wish to see a physician as in attendance is quite a bit that may be done to alleviate neurogenic torment.
I had this a few years ago . It be shingles but you need a doctors feelings
shingles usually come on one ,neuropathic pain usually accompany by a wider range of symptoms ,close to being diabetic or giving the history of alcoholism,the is a possibility toward rheumatic inflammation of the muscles that you express as morning stiffness or pain,usually the patient refer to the skin but the symptom is deeper,bacterial inflamation of the muscles is a serious problem i enjoy seen it indistinguishable as your complain last week...
any path such a complain needs an expert doctor ...
I own the exact same pain on my right thigh. It is incredibly painful and sometimes feel like pins and needles when me or someone else touches it. Unfortunately, I own had 2 lower spine surgeries, and most of the doctors believe mine is irrevocable nerve wound. Some pain meds and anti-inflammatories assist if it is relatively minor, and a friend told me a chiropractor helped his by manipulate his spine which "might" have unpinched a boldness.
I know there are tons strong opinions roughly speaking chiropractors, so I will let you engineer that decision. However, do see your regular doctor to see what he think. He may send you to a specialist to check the nerves contained by your legs.

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