Question about needles?

Can't the needles use to give myself insulin shots be use again?

Answer:    My doctor told me that they can be used three times. I do wipe stale the needle with alcohol but my doctor did not recommend it. With me, to be exact one needle a day and suspect it would be ok even if it is more per morning. I am doing this on an injector pen in which the supplies are more expensive. I take another type of insulin via everyday syringe which I throw out each time.
Now for a tip, check your insurance company's pharmaceutical formulary. This is a document which they put out that tells what your co-pay is for different medicine, it is probably also available online. Mine said that syringes and the alcohol swabs are supplied at no charge. Usually all you would need is a prescription. in a minute, I know that syringes (the ones I throw away after one use) and alcohol swabs are relatively cheap, I love it that I am getting anything for free. If you do also, check it out.
Also, my insureance will supply a new meter about every 2 years if you request it, yours might do impossible to tell apart. Again, I like free stuff..
You probably already know this since you have experience surrounded by givnig yourself shots, but by using a dirty, unclean needle does own risks. This is exactly one way that HIV/AIDS can be transmitted is through the use of shared needles. All that HIV needs is to return with inside the body through any hole, cut, wound, mouth, anus, vagina, mucus membranes, penis, by blood or semen, bodily fluids.
AIDS does not discriminate. Wheather you are straight, gay, married, divorced, single...anyone can get HIV/AIDS.
AIDS is permanent. There is no cure for AIDS. Getting tested for HIV and getting the treatments if you hold it will help you live longer..
Sure, I've used them up to about 20 times beforehand...just keep an eye out for discomfort and switch as soon as you surface any. Also make sure to keep your Lantus (or long-acting) syringes seperate from your Humalog/Novolog (or fast-acting) syringes, because some of those insulins can't be mixed. You can use the needles up to three times short too much pain. They do get dull after respectively injection but since they aren't going into a vein theres no worries on that. It is NOT advisable simply because of the contamination that could reslult in a humdinger of an infection..
yes, you can reuse, but do not verbs the needles because when you do you take off theprocective coating on them. also singular use the same meds that were contained by the needles in the first place you don't want to mix meds. also i suggest that you only reuse twice the needles seize dull. This is not advisable, but this is how they used to do it. They had the glass syringes and detachable needles. They kept them within a jar or any kind of container with a lid, soaking within alcohol. Syringes are cheap, they only cost about $20.00 for a 100 at Walmart. I would not reuse unless I surely had to..
To be honest:I used one needle for one intact cartridge of insulin and i stick needles through my clothes too.
And never had any infection,ever.
My internist is OK beside that.
But it better for people with low self guard to use a new one each time.
I can recommend:BD Micro-Fine 12,7 mm long ones.and 0,33 mm gooey..Or the no 10 ones:they can be used straight down,no angle needed.
Not advisable! No matter how good you try to verbs them, contamination with bacteria can still occur. There are bacteria that can even grow in alcohol.
Also, respectively time a needle is used, the point at the end can go and get more dull and cause damage to the capillary. yes they can but only in emergency situations (such as you are out of needles and your blood sugar is high) but it can be harmful because the needles become dull and loose when repeatedly used the tip of the needle can break past its sell-by date inside of you. owwwww!.
yes you could. but be very carefull if you do. you want to use 'clean' needles to avoid any possibility of infection.

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