Quick question?

help, i've get a nasty pimple. well, i've have it for a week and it's nearly gone but it's left a whiteish bump (underneath the skin) and it's a little red around the nouns and dried. When I popped it last week a little puss come out and then bled but that's it. I wonder if it's some sort of cold sore or cyst.

Answer:    Just sounds like the pimple may own some fluid still in it -
just treat it near acne cream and it should dry up. You can put a compress to it, and a pin in the center to see if any fluid will drain (don't squeeze) and wash next to acne wash, and add toner/acne cream.
If it doesn't alleviate in another week call your MD..
no its a spot by the sounds of it. why dont you draw from some spot cream freedorm is a good cream. Yuk, a little requirement first would have been nice.

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