Shaking while fainting?

I have vasovagal syncope beside asystole (had a positive tilt table).
Basically, that means I pass out and my heart stops.
However, near have been a couple time I've passed out around associates and they describe my behavior as shaking (almost like a seizure, but no, it's not a tremor so don't bother saying that).
I'm wondering if shaking while passed out is normal. Or could it in recent times be for me because my heart probably stops, thus my muscles don't have oxygenated blood flowing in them?
Has anyone else faint and have been described as shaking while out?

Answer:    I travel through the same thing when I giddy. Same thing as you, I pass out and my heart stops. I asked my cardiologist in the order of the shaking and he said it's blood flowing properly again through the muscles. Which makes sense cause I've have other episodes where I don't fully lose consciousness but still end up shaking..
I muse you hit the nail on the head, and answered your own grill. If it is absolute that you are not seizing, cellular exchange of calcium would abstain from if you went into asystole. Cells deprived of calcium go into tetany (shaking). I hope you've get a pacer to catch your low heart rate before it get to asystole.

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