Skin tags?

I just looked up teatment opitions for skin tag and I'd like to know what's the least uncomfortable method. The skin tags are located on the anus and has be irritated. I usually use a witch hazel based wipe and Aquaphor. They used to bleed but have stopped.

Please relieve, lots of things going on in my life and i reeeeally don't enjoy time for this.

Answer:    There are many ways for removing skin tags, but the one that I presume would suit you best, given the location of your own skin tag, is to use tea tree oil. Just rub it on the skin label a couple of times each day and skulk for it to fall off.

But in the past trying anything, you have to be sure that is not a malignant tumor. I don't say-so this to scare you, but if that's a malignant tumor you'll have to check it out beside a doc. The sign of malignant tumors is that they grow relatively fast and they display sudden changes contained by shape and color..
There could be an underling condition that is causing them. My regal mother used to cut them off. I have them to but they are not clear ..... i would go have them looked at, i know that the doctor does something for them but i cant inform you what because i don't know. I have never had mine looked at .... consult a doctor and capture them removed.
are you sure its not a hemeroid?

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