So um, where on earth do I dance for my Y!A rehab?

This addiction is really getting me down.
Answers:    Answerholics Anonymous

"Welcome to the Answerholics! Here at the Answerholics we are focused on Yahoo Answers and Answers content. We discuss all the ins and outs of Asking, Answering, and Discovering and so much more. If you are addicted to Yahoo Answers then this is the group for you! Stand up and say, "Yes, I'm an user! I am wasting away in front of this monitor, I haven't showered in a week, and I'm willing to put up for sale my kids for points!" "

Looking 4 non chemical cure 4 diabetes?

I would say go to the breaker box and hit the breaker for your computer.

If it's a laptop then I don't know what you are gonna do!

Why does metformin product?

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