Sort of an odd question...?

Right near the moved out side of my jaw/moth area(diagnol from ear to jaw line) there is a small... globe? inside, it feels like a moment or two stone about the size of a dime. I saw a doctor about this a long time ago and he thought conceivably it was an extra salvitory gland, lymph node, or benign tumor.

Now, it's not IN my mouth, and Ican move it around, but not very much.

Does anyone know what this is or does anyone enjoy it?

Answer:    Not an odd question at adjectives, as a matter of fact.

Sounds resembling a salivary stone, or maybe a calcified lymph node. But you should really go see an Eye/Ear/Nose/Throat (EENT) medical doctor specialist to be sure. Salivary gland cancer is nil to play around with.

Good Luck.
Sounds like a lymph node I also hold one there to. My son has one right underneath his ear on his neck and every time he gets sick it swells up somewhat. The first time he got it, it swelled up to golf ball size it hurt him so unpromising he missed school for a week. go to the doctor.
it may simply be a big "puss" pocket...or it could also be a ball of actual fatty tissue. Maybe a cyst or calcium deposit. I'd see your dentist. I know it's not in your mouth, but dental x-rays might reveal more..
I don't hold one however, I would suggest up back to the doctor and request an exam an Xray done. It sounds like Cancer to me! To it ASAP! Cancers grow vigorous if it is! Weird..go to the doc again. Kind of hard to recount simply by descriptions..
I remember my brother had the same entry..... They said it was a sist, It may not be the same piece I just thought maybe... be in motion bak 2 the doctor i think...
have it rechecked why not you see and consult a doctor?

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