Split between my toes?

anyone seriously know what causes them hurtful slits in between your toe? its so sore!
it is usually cause because feet are not dried properly so try and formulate sure you dry them and that they don't get too hot and sweaty
athletes foot.
Why do they and similar cuts approaching papercuts hurt so much! I'd imagine they're cause by the toes scrunching up/moving and rubbing against the side of your toenails....or something.....anyway *sucks your toes better*
Put some cream on it as soon as possible try canneston works for me
It can be cause by not rinsing soap off properly.
Sounds similar to atheletes foot.try Daktarin cream it is very potent.It can look like a disagreeable slit in the rash days.
you need to start wash and drying your feet properly, sounds close to athletes foot.
Do you have Lamasil cream surrounded by the UK? It is perfect for this.
Yup, I'm going for athletes foot as resourcefully.
Athletes foot, it is very sore and make your shoes smell! Over the counter preparations work but you have to use them for a while after the symptoms own gone and be very strict give or take a few putting them on because athletes foot is a fungus and is notoriously difficult to attain rid of completely!! Buy a spray for your shoes as well and spray them every time you nick them off!
as very well as washing your foot make sure you dry them and catch in between your toes aswell.
i own had them contained by the past try using body shop hemp cream it works wonders.
Sorry,it does nouns like athletes foot.Or it could only just be really chapped skin.Try a really rich moisturiser like aqueous cream and see if that help
make sure that you are dring between them proply
That nouns very much similar to athletes foot

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